Abrasive Nozzles: OD .281 - w/Rings

4" x .281" ECL Ultra Abrasive Nozzle

The mixing tube with locating rings the ECL. This is the 4" ULTRA in gold - gold so it is easily identifiable when needed for the longer running jobs. This is the ultimate mixing tube. We have none better. Other sizes available - just let us know what is needed. Don't be fooled by the low price! This is the ULTRA.

** The source of abrasive nozzles makes a difference! We sell only high quality Belgian-made, abrasive nozzles! **

  • FLOW
F300-N0064-0000 replaces:

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Engineering Title(s):

  • F300-N0064-0000: ABR NOZZ, ULTRA, ECL
  • F300-N0080-0000: ABR NOZZ, ULTRA, ECL
  • F300-N0066-0000: ABR NOZZ, ULTRA, ECL

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