Autoline Ruby Orifices
Orifices: A-Line (KMT-Style)

Autoline Ruby Orifices

MORE SIZES AVAILABLE!! Ruby orifice made for the KMT Autoline cutting head. Consider upgrading to the IWP DP-E cutting head which has a unified orifice and mixing chamber - combined parts stay aligned for better performance and edge and it means fewer parts to stock.
  • KMT
F300-J2000-R012 replaces:

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Suggested Part

DP-E Cutting Head Assembly	 DIAMOND

DP-E Cutting Head Assembly DIAMOND

DP-Evolution. Evolve to the next generation of...

Engineering Title(s):

  • F300-J2000-R012: A-LINE, RUBY .012"
  • F300-J2000-R010: A-LINE, RUBY .010"
  • F300-J2000-R013: A-LINE, RUBY .013"
  • F300-J2000-R014: A-LINE, RUBY .014"

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