Orifices: DP3000 Inserts for .25 Mtubes (Jet Edge Style)

DP3000, Ruby Orifice Assembly for Heads Using .250" (Jet Edge style) Mixing Tubes - All Sizes

DP3000 insert with ruby orifice assembly for use with the DP3000 cutting head made for mixing tubes with 0.250" outside diameter. MORE SIZES AVAILABLE! (For sizes not listed, please use the part number ending with R0XX, then specify size in the comments box at checkout.) Also consider upgrading to an updated cutting head: the DP-E. With the latest technology combining orifice and mixing chamber into a single unit to provide precise alignment of the fast moving water stream it lowers cost by providing replaceable internal components - the body should never wear out - F300-K0139-0000.
F300-J1000-R0XX replaces:

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Engineering Title(s):

  • F300-J1000-R0XX: DP3000 .250, RUBY 05-16
  • F300-J1000-R010: DP3000 .250, RUBY .010"
  • F300-J1000-R011: DP3000 .250, RUBY .011"
  • F300-J1000-R013: DP3000 .250, RUBY .013"
  • F300-J1000-R014: DP3000 .250, RUBY .014"

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