Orifices: MJ5 (Omax Style)

MJ5, Ruby Orifice Assembly for MJ5 Mount - All Sizes

MJ5 mount with ruby orifice assembly. Lowest priced orifice enabling a wide range in sizes and stocking spares without investing a lot of money. MORE SIZES AVAILABLE! (For sizes not listed, please use the part number ending with R0XX, then specify size in the comments box at checkout.) For longer performance and tighter stream consider the diamond version - F300-J5002-D0XX. Also consider upgrading to the IWP DP-E cutting head which has a unified orifice and mixing chamber - combined parts stay aligned for better performance and edge and it means fewer parts to stock - F300-K0139-0000.
  • OMAX
F300-J5000-R0XX replaces:

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Suggested Part

DP-E Cutting Head Assembly RUBY

DP-E Cutting Head Assembly RUBY

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Engineering Title(s):

  • F300-J5000-R0XX: MJ5, RUBY 04-18 ORIFICE
  • F300-J5000-R005: MJ5, RUBY .005" ORIFICE
  • F300-J5000-R010: MJ5, RUBY .010" ORIFICE
  • F300-J5000-R011: MJ5, RUBY .011" ORIFICE
  • F300-J5000-R012: MJ5, RUBY .012" ORIFICE
  • F300-J5000-R013: MJ5, RUBY .013" ORIFICE
  • F300-J5000-R014: MJ5, RUBY .014" ORIFICE

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